Frequently asked questions

  • Is Green Deal really the best option for me?

    Whether or not Green Deal funding is suitable for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Each Provider will add a different additional interest on to the cost of the installation, so you would be wise to get two or three quotes before proceeding with works. Have a look at the various financial options on our funding page for more information.

  • Are there any hidden costs?

    Once you have made an appointment for a Green Deal Advisor to visit and assess your property, you should receive a comprehensive information pack detailing their Terms & Conditions. These should state information about any costs or charges associated with the assessment, and under what circumstances you would be expected to pay them.

    An assessment with the Solent Green Deal costs £150, however you will not be expected to pay this charge if you progress with a plan through one of our recommended Providers.

  • Can you guarantee that I will continue to make savings on my energy bills?

    Unfortunately, the savings you are assessed as making at the start of the plan will not be set in stone as energy bills are set to rise. The good news is that the estimated energy savings of each measure are very conservative, so you could well save more than expected. Couple this with the improved behavioural changes your advisor will discuss with you, and in reality you are likely to continue saving for the duration of your finance package.

  • What happens if the cost of my chosen improvements exceeds the amount available to me under the Golden Rule?

    Your Provider will arrange a repayment package for the maximum amount you can borrow under the Golden Rule. Any additional funding over and above this package will need to be paid up front by you before works commence.

  • What happens if I move house?

    If you sell your house, you must disclose an existing Green Deal plan to any prospective buyer. If they are not comfortable with purchasing a property with Green Deal finance attached they could insist that you repay the loan early before agreeing the sale. You may incur high early repayment charges so check with your chosen Provider what their early repayment policy is.

    If you are moving into a property with Green Deal finance already attached you should view a copy of the EPC which will detail the extent of the package. Remember that the charge is attached to the electricity bill, and as the new bill payer you will take on responsibility for making the repayments.

  • How can I make sure the company I am dealing with is Green Deal accredited?

    Every company and individual operating under the Green Deal must be accredited with a certification body and will display the Green Deal Quality Mark. Check the Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body website at for more information.

  • What should I do if someone cold calls me regarding the Green Deal?

    With the launch of Green Deal there are now thousands of companies jumping on the energy efficiency band-wagon. It is likely that you will be cold called at some point by someone offering you energy savings measures. As with any cold caller, make sure you ask for identification and, if they claim to be working under Green Deal, proof of the Green Deal Quality Mark. Contact your local authority trading standards team, or call Citizens Advice Consumer Service line on 08454 040506 if you are concerned about cold calling.

  • As a tenant am I eligible to apply for Green Deal and ECO assistance?

    Yes, you will need to get your landlord's written permission before making any alterations to the property, so it is worthwhile approaching your landlord during the early stages of your application. As the bill payer you are responsible for making the Green Deal finance repayments in the same way as any other home occupier would. You will benefit from a more efficient home and shouldn't ever pay out more than you would do if you didn't have the improvements installed.

    Your landlord cannot force you to take out a Green Deal plan if you don't want to, and if there are deficiencies in your rented property that your landlord has not resolved then you should contact your local authority Housing Standards team for advice.

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